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When we give to others, we build stronger communities and find personal joy and happiness.

Our Motto

To provide support and hope to individuals with special needs through equine-assisted activities and riding therapies

Our instructors and volunteers work tirelessly for those we are privileged to serve. Hooves with H.E.A.R.T. strives to improve physical and mental disabilities, cognitive and behavioral issues, and social interaction while promoting the self-confidence to those with special needs. We assist children with Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and other special needs. Our lessons are designed to build core strength, balance, posture, gross and fine motor skills and enhance cognitive abilities. Our program is one of the few equine-assisted activities and riding centers who provide barn work activities to the participants, which includes grooming and leading of the horses. Our volunteer program welcomes those with a heart for service in our heartwarming program.


Our History

Cavalli Creek Farms in Bradenton, Florida is a family owned farm who partnered with Special Olympics Florida-Manatee County in 2015 to build an Equestrian Program to serve individuals with special needs in our community  We are honored to be the Registered Equestrian Training Facility for Special Olympics Florida-Manatee County. The Special Olympic Equestrian season is yearly from November to March.

After the end of each season the owners (The Golinos) and volunteers had a profound passion to keep the students riding throughout the year. Our team witnessed the incredible progress and joy of our riders and in turn, we received the heartfelt gift of serving them. In order to fulfill our desire to keep the students in the saddle year round our 501c3 non-profit organization, Hooves with H.E.A.R.T. was born in March of 2020.

It was the generous nature of Cavalli Creek Farms, the Golino Family, that was the catalyst for this rewarding program for our community. Their example paved the way for the structure of our program and inspires others to lend the hearts and hands to this project. Our team consists of one, P.A.T.H. coach, two Certified Special Olympics Florida Equestrian Coaches and program trained volunteers. Our Board of Directors is comprised of business leaders, experienced therapeutic riding program individuals and supporters of our mission. 

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