Sponsorships and Donations

Sponsor a Child

Give the gift of riding to any of our children which will include weekly lessons with an instructor on our loving animals with no cost to the family!

Full Year: $1850.00      Half year $910.00     Quarter $455.00

Sponsor a Horse

Every equine in our facility has to have the spirit and nature to work with our special riders. Sponsoring any one of them helps with their food, housing, grooming and medical care. Without them, we couldn't have a program

Full Year: $5000.00      Half year $2500.00     Quarter $1250.00



Hooves with H.E.A.R.T. is always working on improving the program, the pastures, the equipment etc for the benefit of the riders and our animals. No amount is too small to give to these children and these wonderful creatures. We also have wish lists found on Amazon if you prefer to send something directly to the barn. We thank you so much for your consideration!

If you make a donation and would like to be mentioned on a Sponsor Page, please let us know at the time of your donation. 

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